Capital Equipment News December 2022


Get to know remanufactured parts Every business is unique, so remanufactured parts could be highly beneficial to keep a fleet on the road. Volvo Trucks offers the benefit of supporting remanufactured parts used in trucks. Still, buyers need to be equally versed on when something is worth replacing with brand new parts, or when a remanufactured part will provide the same solution, writes Adriaan Roets. K arin Kingsley, Volvo Trucks South Africa’s GM for Parts and Service gets straight to the point; South Africa is ripe for a remanufactured parts market.

“There has been a small shift in buying remanufactured parts from SA customers, and the trend is driven by our team’s efforts to make them aware of the benefits. At this point, however, it seems to be more due to affordability than sustainability.” Transport operators must consider many fixed and variable factors that impact their cost of operation and, subsequently, their business’s bottom line. These include

“Using remanufactured parts also saves energy, reduces landfill waste, and it means that dangerous residuals inside worn components are taken care of.”

Eric Parry, sustainable solutions manager at Volvo Trucks South Africa



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