Construction World March 2023

Kobus Deyzel, Facilities Manager of Zenprop Property Services, says that quality workmanship and excellent after-sales service are the most important considerations for the company when appointing a contractor to provide waterproofing and maintenance services. “My role as facilities manager for Zenprop Property Holdings is to ensure our tenants’ needs are always met. This includes keeping them and the valuable property inside our properties dry at all times. Sound maintenance and waterproofing also delays or even avoids more extensive repairs, which are usually very disruptive. They are also generally costlier, bearing in mind that leaks can even lead to structural faults – if left unattended for extended periods. It is for these reasons that we prefer to only work with reputable contractors with the necessary maintenance and waterproofing credentials. Citi Con has earned our trust and respect through the high quality of workmanship that it continues to deliver. This includes the company’s more recent work for us at The Brinks,” Deyzel says. This trust is also based on Citi-Con’s commitment to only using quality products so that its workmanship can be guaranteed to the maximum term, and the company always honours this warranty. As Deyzel notes, Zenprop Property Services is willing to invest in premium products as long as they perform according to specification. Because of the trust established between the two companies, Zenprop Property Services is also more willing to try new systems that have been suggested by Citi-Con. This is so that it can constantly improve the facilities management function. Andre’ Vermeulen, Managing Director of Citi-Con, says that he is proud of his long association with Zenprop Property

Holdings and Stoncor Africa Tremco. “I attribute our success to a number of factors. This includes excellent team dynamics between client and contractor. At the same time, we have access to the best available materials on the market. When combined with our own skills and experience in the field of construction surgery, this is a recipe for success,” Vermeulen concludes. 


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