Construction World March 2023


BESPOKE PROJECT SOLUTIONS Based in Sandton – but having delivered projects in 24 countries across Africa – Nuvo Consulting (Nuvo) is a construction consultancy offering project and construction management, procurement, cost and change management, fit-out, consultation, advisory and due diligence services. ConstructionWorld spoke to the MD, Cathleen Bayne about how the company’s boutique nature is now increasingly making inroads into the South African built environment.

N uvo Consulting, which was started some eight years ago, initially did projects around the African continent. “We are active in 22 countries and have delvered projects in 24 countries. Our core business has been outside of the country but in April three years ago we started focusing on local projects and building the SA footprint and capability,” says Bayne. Bayne explains that Nuvo Consulting believes that innovation is key to balancing cost, time and quality throughout the project management process. “We are highly adaptable as to what the client or the project might need,” she says. “Our business model is to deliver localised, on the ground services and as such we have a very boutique way of working. Our project managers are not traditional project managers – they are industry experts in the given sector,” says Bayne about the company’s approach. “Our mission is to be adaptable, flexible, nimble and bespoke with every single project. We partner with the client, look for synergies and work towards a project specific solution. Our vision is to leverage off that adaptability and ability to deliver bespoke project solutions. Even though we are not very well known in the industry, we aim to be known as professional, project focused and to become the industry’s go to partner. Regardless of project

parameters, we will find a solution,” Bayne explains. Boutique approach Part of Nuvo Consulting’s model is to be specific in answering the project’s requirements. “This we do with sector experts as opposed to generalists – and this has stood us in good stead over the last few years,” says Bayne. This boutique approach provides the ability to be flexible, nimble and bespoke when it comes to putting the project team and solution together. “Gone are the days when you have the project manager that flies in to get a general overview of the project and then flies out again. We focus on the various work stages as opposed the end-to-end. This rather unique way of working is a direct result of COVID-19 that split up large firms,” says Bayne. “In short, the biggest thing we do differently is that we do not have a cookie cutter approach. Every project we undertake is broken down to ensure that the solutions and services are 100% tailored. We do not go the tried and tested route, we drill down into detail of the project and ensure we have a multi-disciplinary team that delivers to the client. Our ability to provide clients with a solution that is tailored with the use of more than a single project manager is starting to win us more work,” explains Bayne.


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