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Together with NSK, BMG has developed and introduced a simple bolt-on assembly solution for vibratory-specification bearings that reduces vibration and noise levels by as much as 50%. BMG’s business unit manager for bearings, Werner de Bruyn, explains. Bearing assemblies for vibrating machinery

Left: Each NSK bearing assembly has been pre- greased and fitted with labyrinth and contact seals ready for fitting. It can be simply bolted onto the machine frame with bearing location features. Below: Included in BMG’s NSK range are integrated bearing assemblies designed especially for vibratory screen machines. “BMG takes pride in sourcing quality products that aredesignedandmanufactured to meet the rigorous demands of technologi- callyadvancedengineering.Wehavebeen the sole distributor of NSK products in Southern Africa since 1991. NSK’s manufacturing plantsinJapan,USA,EuropeandAsiaproduce tons of bearings a month, which meet and exceedthemoderndemandsoflargevibrating machines and small to large rotating systems,” De Bruyn concludes. q blies are that manufacturers do not need to re-work the designs of the system in-house and the integrated assembly also means customers do not need to manufacture sub- components. Further benefits include ease of assembly andquick installation, which reduce the manufacturer’s costs. “In assisting with problems, we have iden- tified that manufacturers need assistance to reducemanufacturing costs and improve the overall performance of machines. Each NSK bearingassembly,whichhasbeenpre-greased and fitted with labyrinth and contact seals ready for fitting, is simply bolted onto the machine framewithbearing location features. There isnoneed for customers toworryabout the complexities of assembling the bearings and seals and lubricating the assembly,” says De Bruyn. NSK’s simple bolt-on assembly solutions encompass vibratory specification bearings, which reduce vibration and noise levels by as much as 50%. This integrated system also of- fers increased fatigue strength against vibra- tion and shock loads. Other features include minimal wear and corrosion resistance. As a result, bearing performance and reliability is improved, manufacturing costs are reduced and service life of systems is significantly extended.

Vibratory screen machines are used in arduous construction, agriculture, quarrying and mining applications.

B MG’s comprehensive NSK bearing range extends from precision miniature bearings used in machine tools and elec- tronics applications to giant size bearings for steel and mining industries. Included in the NSK port- folio –which is one of BMG’s leading bearing brands – are integrated bearing assem- blies, designedespecially for vibratory screen machines, which are used in arduous construction, agriculture, quarrying andmin-

ing applications. “The BMG team is committed to working closely with cus- tomers in all industries, to investigate the source of prob- lems and to provide cost-efficient solutions for optimum productivity of machinery, extended service life of sys- tems andminimal maintenance requirements,” explains Werner de Bruyn, business unit manager, Bearings, BMG. “We have found that vibrating screen machine

manufacturers often experience difficulties, resulting from the inconsistency of bearing mountings in the shaker box assembly. In collaboration with NSK, BMG solutions encompass integratedbearingassemblieswith

high-strengthSGironhousingsandvibratory-specification bearings. Important advantages of these customised assem-

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