MechChem Africa January 2019

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New people and products for 2019

In keeping with its focus on offering the best international brands at cost-competitive prices, BI, formerly Bearings International, has appointed key people and is launching several new products in the NewYear, all to ensure sustainability and stronger growth.

“ I n a market where smaller players are drivingprices down continuously, what continues to distinguish us is our ex- pertise and service levels,” says newly- appointed BI sales and marketing director ConradMuller. “This ensures that customers receive value-for-money, and the lowest total cost of ownership at the end of the day.” “We focus on opportunities and, as such, the expansion of our product portfolio to- gether with a highly focused end-user busi- ness development team, make for a winning strategy to achieve increased spread of sales to existing clientswhile also establishing new clients,” Muller adds. As part of this strategy, BI recently ap- pointedVictor Strobel asmarketingmanager. Strobel is responsible for all BI’s productman- agers, with the main goal of consolidating its marketing efforts and ensuring profitable growth. In order to achieve this, Strobel will work closely with BI’s countrywide network of 49 branches. “As a market leader, we continuously scan the horizon for new products and services to better serve our market segments. We work closelywithourmajor suppliers toensure our marketing strategies are aligned with theirs. We have a few product launches planned for the first quarter of 2019, and thesewill be an- nounced in due course. We are continuing to strengthen our respective business divisions and our partnerships with our valued suppli- ers,” Strobel notes. Muller says that training, education and standards development are also key factors in BI’s value proposition. “They remain the cornerstone of our success in bringing new clients onboard who understand the value weoffer as a true partner to their businesses.” Aparticular success forBI last yearwas the development of itsAgri-Smart solution aimed at cooperatives in the agricultural industry. Launched at Nampo 2018 at Bothaville in the Free State, Agri-Smart allows BI to be an enabler for cooperatives in remote regions, and thereby supporting farmerswith the best products at a fast turnaround, whilemaintain- ing excellent price levels. “We are working on strengthening our presence in the agricultural sector in the Free State, the Eastern Cape, and the Northern Cape, aswell as surroundingSouthernAfrican countries,” Strobel reveals. The success of Agri-Smart has showcased BI’s flexibility in adapting to current market conditions and

BI’s newly appointed marketing manager, Victor Strobel. Despite the fact that BI is a powerhouse of international brands, Muller stresses that it is not just another supplier. “Our technical expertise, vast coverage network, stock and client-facing specialists differentiate us from the competition. Even though we have an established history and strong reputation, our continuous efforts todeliver exactlywhat our clients expect, need, and desire keeps us evolving. “We are sharply focused on market con- ditions, new technologies, improved service offering and shorter lead times, ultimately to enable us to adapt to the unique situations that are the reality for our customers,”Muller concludes. q

BI’s sales and business director, Conrad Muller.

the specific requirements of its customers. “With BI’s diverse range of products and services, we managed to maintain our market position in 2018, due to successful cross-pollination of various products and services throughoutmost of SouthernAfrica,” Strobel points out. Careful market analysis and a focused approach will also see BI grow in Southern Africa in 2019.

The passionate BI team together with its powerhouse of leading brands makes for a winning combination.

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