Modern Mining February 2023

Electrical and control panels as work-in-progress on the factory floor.

and turnkey projects, has also been pursuing innova tive ways to address this challenge. According to Venter, Hamar Controls’ order-book has shown strong growth this year and therefore there is a need to find innovative solutions. To this end, the company has been fitting out and renewing used containers, going so far as to transfigure 6 m containers into fit-for-purpose 3 m containers. Apart from recently supplying a constant flow of MCCs fitted into containerised substations to a mine in Mozambique and a 12 m substation with MCC and control system for a mine in Lesotho, Hamar Controls has been contracted by a leading materials handling equipment supplier to design and manufacture sub stations and MCCs for a stacker and a reclaimer. The project is at the design phase and, once completed, will be supplied to a diamond mine. “Although most of our customers are in Southern Africa, we have successfully completed projects in North Africa, Qatar, China and Malaysia,” says Joubert. 

A 3 m container converted into a substation and equipped with LV MCC and DB plus MV incomer switchgear.

3 m containers in the process of being converted into substations.

Cable reticulation on a mine in Africa as part of a turnkey supply and installation contract.

Hamar Controls  Since inception in 1981, Hamar Controls has been providing electrical, control and instrumentation products and services to industries such as iron ore and aluminium smelters, coal, diamond, gold and platinum mining, harbours and ports and most other industrial plant.  Although the mining sector remains its core business, accounting for roughly 80% of business, the company also supplies substations and MCCs to the sewerage, water purification, food production, breweries and food and beverage sectors.  The Roodepoort-based entity is a Level 2 B-BBEE company.

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