Modern Mining September 2016


Locally built continuous miner launched at Electra Mining Broadening its footprint as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), JA Engineering (JAE) introduced its first ever in-house designed continuous miner at Electra Mining 2016 – the Wildcat JAE42 CM. According to JAE, the Wildcat is designed to meet the unique hard cutting conditions in South African coal mines. The company says it listened intently to its customer’s needs and requirements and incor- porated these specifications into the design. The Wildcat, which is 90 % locally manufactured and procured, has a mass of 110 tons and a total installed power of 828 kW. The minimum/maximum cutting height is 2,20 m to 3,95 m (short barrel cylinder) and 2,20 m to 4,70m (long barrel cylinder). JA Engineering has more than 29 years of experience as a lead- ing manufacturing engineering company in the mining industry. The company was established in 1987 by the Alexander family to provide the South African mining industry with alternative aftermarket sup- port through reverse engineering solutions. It was also during this time that the company established itself as an OEM in the design of battery scoops for the South African coal min- ing industry. JAE Engineering, tel (+27 11) 397-3237

The Wildcat JAE42 continuous miner.

Floor grating range expanded AndrewMentis has announced that its Rectagrid RS floor grating range has been expanded to include different pitches. This move, according to Elaine van Rooyen, Marketing Manager at Andrew Mentis, is in line with current market demands where certain projects require a more lightweight steel product. Rectagrid RS40 will now be available with a pitch of 40 mm by 40 mm, 45 mm by 40 mm, 45 mm by 50 mm and an 80 mm by 40 mm pitch which is known as RS80. Panels are available in 2,4 m by 1,2 m for ease of installation. “The new pitches will be manufactured using the same pressure locking system that has been in place for years and customers can be assured of the high standard and quality that they have come to expect from all Mentis products,” van Rooyen says. Andrew Mentis floor grating is engineered to take specific loading, which ensures optimum safety of people walking or working in those areas. A complete understanding of the load bearing capacity of grat- ing is necessary to ensure that the correct floor grating is selected for a specific application. Andrew Mentis, tel (+27 11) 255-3200

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