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Zero leaks with knife gate valve

petitive products available on the market, and incorporated the strongest features in our unit. This means we have a lot of extra selling points, in addition to unique accessories on offer, such as a Condition Monitoring System,”Meid explains. The main advantage of the X-series Agitator is that it is essentially an off-the- shelf unit that uses existing components. The entire design is fully integrated, which makes for a highly efficient and compact unit that is easily maintainable. “Different lubrication options are avail- able, such as bath lubricatedwith expansion tank, or pressure lubrication with drywell. All the lubrication piping is integrated fully into the unit, which is thermally optimised as well. Different filter options are also avail- able,”Meid points out. SEW, tel (+27 11) 248-7000 Delta Industrial Valves, Inc was founded in 1987 and the company began design- ing and manufacturing high quality knife gate valves in 1989. At the time, the com- pany recognised the urgent requirements within the market for a superior knife gate valve. It is an established industry leader in the valve industry and, with the backing of Weir Minerals, says it will continue to pave the way in high quality knife gate valves for its customers. Rene Calitz, Weir Minerals Africa, tel (+27 11) 929-2622 leakage isolation no matter what the pro- cess fluid may contain. “Our knife gate valves guarantee no process will come past the closed valve, even abrasive slurry or when operating under high temperatures,” Abbott states. This is a significant feature of the Delta Industrial™ valves and one which provides numerous important benefits to the cus- tomer, providing some insight into why Weir Minerals acquired and continues to invest in Delta Industrial™

For many years, plant operators have battled with leakage problems, search-

“An integration of the EBD with axial and/or radial bearings into the gearbox is far more cost-efficient for the customer than a purely external bearing configuration mounted on the application,” comments Andreas Meid, Head of Department – Engineering. The main applications for the X-series Agitator are mixers, agitators and aerators, where high radial forces, combined with axial forces, act on the low- speed shaft. “We already have a strong footprint in these sectors with our existing X-series and MC-series gearbox, and it is anticipated that the new X-series Agitator will only enhance that. What we have done is look at all com- and endangering workers with hazardous materials, resulting in major downtime for the company. Delta Industrial™ knife gate valves can guarantee plant operators in difficult pro- cess applications zero leakage, says John Abbott, Weir Minerals Global Product Manager for Valves. “This isolation is very important because it ensures safe and consistent plant operation, minimises downtime and provides lowest total own- ership cost. “Our customers can install Delta Industrial™ valves into problem areas secure in the knowledge that they will achieve long term performance with exceptional isolation results, protecting their people, their plant and their environ- ment,” Abbott continues. Weir Minerals Delta Industrial™ guided shear gate valves are designed to repeat- edly close and provide bi-directional zero

ing for valves which will isolate the flow and prevent leaks to the atmosphere, but are often left feeling frustrated and out of pocket. External leaks from valves during valve cycling are common problems for plant operators around the world. These leaks can have disastrous consequences, contami- nating the environment Customers can install Delta In- dustrial™ valves into problem areas secure in the knowledge that they will achieve long term performance with excep- tional isolation results.

Latest version of X-series Agitator introduced at Electra The X-series Agitator from SEW-EURODRIVE represents the latest iteration of the well- known X-series, designed specifically for mixing applications such as minerals pro- cessing. The new agitator was launched at this year’s Electra Mining Africa show. increased, while bearings with larger dynamic capacities have been used.

Responding specifically to customer requirements, the new X-series Agitator features an integrated Extended Bearing Distance (EBD). This means it con-

sists of a standard gearbox with a modified output side in order to increase the radial and axial forces. The distance between the low-speed shaft bearings has been

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